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How to Catch Dolphin

Step 1:¬†Checklist Go through the checklist and prepare for trip. Check out my dolphin checklist here. List includes stuff for the boat, regs, papers, safety, etc… Step 2: Plan When: Spring time is best. Small or new moon they chew more. Few days before or after... read more

Boat Checklist

Boat: Gas Ice Drinks Food/Snacks Check Through Hull Valves Sea sick Meds Cash Sat Phone EPIRB List of Emergency Numbers Life Jackets Life Raft Throw Ring Flares Dive gear and spears Rec gear (kite boards, SUPs) Bait: Bonito Strips Bonito or Squid for Chunking Menhaden... read more

Dolphin Trolling Rig

This rig, from RJ Boyle, is elegant in its simplicity. Durable, it’s capable of being trolled at speeds of between 12 and 14 knots. Great for dolphin, it can also be used for tuna and... read more

Featured Test Post

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce aliquam ultricies mi vel feugiat. Aliquam ultrices id mi eu malesuada. Duis eros leo, semper pulvinar velit non, aliquam aliquet magna. Nam eu nibh sit amet magna bibendum suscipit vitae a ante. Curabitur... read more
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